Who We Are

SNSLP Board of Directors

Senior Judge Betsy Kolkoski, President

Michele Johnson, Secretary

Carlene Gadosh, Treasurer

Senior Justice Miriam Shearing, Board Member

Bobby G. Gronauer, Board Member

Bryan Scott, Esq.,  Board Member

SNSLP Pro Bono Attorney

Dara J. Goldsmith, Esq.

SNSLP Staff Members

Diane F. Fearon, Executive Director
Carol A. Kingman, Esq., Managing Attorney
Jeff Arlitz Esq., Elder Law Attorney

Chelsea A. Crowton Esq., Elder Law Attorney

Bridgette Reyna-Meadows, Esq., Elder Law Attorney
Lorrie Haug, Esq., Elder Law Attorney

Karin Schultz, Administrative Manager
Carmen Bann, Paralegal
Cindy LaSpaluto, Legal Assistant
Susie Osburn, Intake Specialist
Shannon Rohm, Intake Specialist
Gloria Reyna, Receptionist

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Some so-called professionals are more interested in getting a new luxury car than taking care of their clients’ welfare. I have resided in Las Vegas since 1958 and feel that the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program is one place seniors can depend on. Their attorneys take care of our legal needs or guide us with the right information. Thank you for all of your help, and with gratitude I say great job.
77 year-old widower
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