From the SNSLP IT Services Company

Karin really helps us as your Managed IT Services company by being a good point of contact and filtering the IT issues. She solves a lot of issues before a ticket is created and speeds up the process of resolving issues.

I wish all my customers had a person like Karin to manage their IT work flows. It makes it so much easier for us to do a good job for SLP.

From our Lead Intake Specialist Candy

Happy Administrative Professionals Day Karin!

I would be lost without you and all the help you provide. You always seem to know the magic trick to get things straight. Thank you!!

From Legal Assistant Cindy

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day, Karin!!

I am truly grateful for all that you do and the positive changes you’ve effectuated at SNSLP. You’re always available when I need you, thank you!!

From Paralegal Carmen

Every day is Karin Schultz Day, as far as I’m concerned!

An especial “thanks for everything you do” message will have to do, Karin. The list of your good deeds is too long to include.

From Paralegal Tiffany

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!!!

Thank you for all you do for the office…. But I enjoy our little talks and witty jokes best!! We’ll keep going crazy over the sound Nik’s computer makes whenever he leaves the office together. So glad I’m not the only one hearing things.

From Attorney Jeff

Happy Karin Schultz Day

I really appreciate Karin’s contributions to the Senior Law Program – She apparently knows a little about everything and has assisted me with everything from computer issues to getting my chair armrests fixed so they don’t slash my arms any more. And she does it all quickly so she’s obviously a great multitasker. Thank you Karin!

From Executive Director Diane

What I appreciate about Karin is how she has enabled us to implement numerous organizational improvements in the past 16 months (Employee Handbook, 403b plan, building management support, board support, IT support, vendor management, are just a few) and she does it with enthusiasm and professionalism. I greatly value her contributions and positive attitude.