Southern Nevada Senior Law Program

 What is the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program (SNSLP)?

SNSLP was founded in 1978 under the 1965 Title III Older Americans Act.  Originally sponsored by the City of Las Vegas, SNSLP is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is partially funded by grants from the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division, the Nevada Law Foundation, and the State Bar of Nevada, along with generous community contributions. While the services we provide are free, we rely upon support from public and private donations. Help us help more seniors, if you are able.

Serving seniors in Southern Nevada for 43 years

Has assisted more than 125,000 seniors

Serving seniors in our community aged 60 years and older

The cost for services is FREE

Featured in Communique Magazine Pro Bono Issue

Senior Advocates Pro Bono Program

December 9, 2021 marked the second in a series of pro bono sign-a-thons that the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program (SNSLP) has organized to kick off their new Senior Advocates Pro Bono program. Celebrating tremendous success thanks to the 11 pro bono attorneys (Steve Parsons, James Leavitt, April Anstett, Judge William Potter, Amy Smith, Dawn Davis, Jerome Blut, Abigail Pace, Christi Dupont, Jennifer Leonescu, and Christian Ogata) and our three invaluable volunteers (Tiffani Hara, Margaret Foster, Veronica Currie) who participated in finalizing estate planning documents for 42 grateful SNSLP clients, WOW!

*Read more about our Senior Advocates Pro Bono Program in the December issue of Communique which features the attorneys and volunteers who participated in our inaugural sign-a-thon event.

A win-win for both the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program and the participating attorneys, is approval by the Nevada State Bar of SNSLP as a provider of CLE.

Attorney volunteers are able to take advantage of ongoing additional free CLE opportunities through SNSLP – earning 1 CLE hour for every 3 hours of uncompensated pro bono service.

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Some so-called professionals are more interested in getting a new luxury car than taking care of their clients’ welfare. I have resided in Las Vegas since 1958 and feel that the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program is one place seniors can depend on. Their attorneys take care of our legal needs or guide us with the right information. Thank you for all of your help, and with gratitude I say great job.
77 year-old widower
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