The Southern Nevada Senior Law Program strongly supports a senior’s right to age with dignity. In the event of a catastrophic or major medical crisis, having a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions is invaluable. These documents are best prepared in advance of such a crisis so family, friends, and medical personnel are aware of our clients’ desires when they cannot speak for themselves. Southern Nevada Senior Law Program attorneys explain the legal provisions of these documents and help clients clarify their desires. Once clients have completed these documents, they receive copies to distribute and generally have peace of mind.

The Estate Planning Program provides seniors with information and assistance to document their estate planning wishes. This can include preparation of a written Will for asset distribution, preparations of a Homestead, Deeds Upon Death, and Authorization for Burial or Cremation. This program assists clients in reviewing their options, taking steps to resolve existing problems, and helping them prepare for the future so their affairs will be in order for their loved ones.

Under this program, we provide legal services for the following:

(Holographic and Formal)

Financial & Health Care POA’s

Health Care POA Lockbox
Registration Agreement

Deeds Upon Death
(Beneficiary Deeds)

Authorizations for
Burial or Cremation