One recent success story illustrates the positive impact we provide: SLP attorney Lorrie Haug assisted Marie, a 97-year-old lady who reached out to us to get her affairs in order. Marie relies on a niece in Hawaii and a stepdaughter here in Nevada for help, due to her age, and being legally blind as well as hard of hearing. Despite these hurdles, SLP determined that Marie needed a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, a Legal/Financial Power of Attorney, and an Authorization for Cremation. It was important to her that she be buried next to her husband at the Veteran’s Cemetery at Boulder City. On signing day, Marie’s bus from the retirement community was late, which required that another SLP staff attorney, Chelsea, step in to ensure she would go home with her documents that day. Fortunately, we were able to persuade the bus driver to wait while we read the documents to her because of her vision problems. Chelsea went patiently through the documents with her and made sure to speak loudly enough for Marie to understand, even taking a break mid-signing to personally escort her to restroom and to let her rest. Marie was very grateful to SLP for the extra care that went into making sure she accomplished her goal of having peace of mind.